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Bison Sirloin Tip Steak: Cooking Tips

Sirloin Tip steaks are typically less tender (but no less tasty) than other cuts on a bison. But don't discount the fact that you can still take a few extra steps to make this cut an amazing meal that you won't soon forget.

Sirloin tips are from a part of the animal that gets a lot of use, therefore it is one of the leanest cuts. Which bison are very lean anyway, but there are ways to prepare this (and other cuts as well) to make an otherwise chewy steak into a fabulous tasting entree!

4 ways to make your steak more tender -

1) Mallet Method – gently pound the mallet across both sides of the meat in order to break up the connective tissue. This will also make the steak a bit thinner. Don’t overdo it!

2) Scoring Method – take a sharp knife and make light diagonal cuts (opposite of the grain) across the meat on both sides.

3) Marinating Method – there are multiple types of marinade you can use for this method. If you choose citrus, keep the marinade time below 8 hours. Allow the meat to marinate anywhere from 2 to 12 hours, again depending on the ingredients in your marinade. l

4) Spice Tenderizing Method –Simply moisten the surface of your choice of meat, shake on tenderizer, and bake, broil or grill to perfection.

The other key to a perfect Bison Sirloin Tip steak is to take your time. We recommend lower heat and a longer cook time to a medium rare or medium.

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