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Barley Fields

We're Expanding!

Our bison journey began in 2019.  Since then we have enjoyed amazing community support through the purchase of our grass fed/finished bison meat.  As demand continues to grow, we need to grow with it to continue to provide healthy meat and awesome bison themed merchandise!

How can you help?

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As a 100% woman owned business - we're crowdfunding our growth through the iFundWomen Crowdfunding platform!  There are awesome Rewards waiting for you - swag, meat, hides and more!


Buy our Bison Products!

We not only sell meat we have jerky, skulls, hides!  Contact us for more information or shop online!  (We offer shipping nationwide, in store pick up and delivery in Central and Southern Oregon)!

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Buy WOBR Swag!

We have t-shirts, sweatshirts, stickers, tumblers - support our growth by purchasing high quality Wild Oasis Ranch stuff!

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